Winter is here and we need to adjust our lifestyle accordingly. This includes our hair regiments. This season normally brings dryness and static.  These are a few tips that might help your hair until Spring.

Take a look at your shampoo.

Is it giving you the moisture your hair needs?  If you are a coarser(thicker) texture try Kevin Murphy’s  Hydrate Me wash and rinse.  For finer hair there’s Kevin Murphy’s Angel wash and rinse.  Remember there are many types of shampoo and conditioners for many types of hair and scalps.  If you are not sure what you need ask a professional.

The key to managing your hair is Hydration.

When hair is dry or damaged it loses elasticity(bounce factor).  In the Winter your hair needs more moisture than what your conditioner can supply.  Reach for a leave-in conditioner.  DO NOT use a rinse out conditioner as a leave-in.  It may cause damage to the hair.  Try AG’s Fast Food leave-in or if your scalp is oily there’s oil free spray in conditioners that will not make your hair go limp.

If your hair is already dry or damaged then you we need to give it a jump start of moisture.  Hair treatments and masques do just  that.  Kevin Murphy’s Born Again Essential Treatment or AG’s Reconstruct Intense Anti Breakage Masque.  Treatments can be used more frequently in the winter.

Does your hair need to be washed or is it just habit?

Most of us clean our hair because we feel we are supposed to, not because it is dirty.  In the warmer seasons we tend to be more active.  Perspiration does need to be shampooed, to maintain a healthy scalp, but on the days we are not at the gym try just rinsing.  Remember every ones hair and scalps are different.  There are no rule of thumbs.  Its trial and error.  See how many days you can go in between washes.

Still have some static?

For those little tiny fly-aways that you would like to cut, DON’T.  Try using a smoothing or anti frizz product.  Argon oils, Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again, AG’s Set it Straight.  Use a workable hair spray after styling.  Mist hair and pat down fly-aways before spray dies.

Please feel free to get in touch with any comments or questions you have.  Let me know a good topic of hair interest we can discuss.


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