What is ombre?

A French word for a color with shaded or varying tones.  Hair ombre means just that, colours or tones that shade into each other. Usually going from dark to light.  Imagine spending your whole summer on a beautiful and warm beach. The sun and salt water would give you a great ombred effect. Most of us don’t have the entire summer off but we can look like we had.

Why spend the extra money on ombre?

In most salons the ombre service is priced higher than a standard colour application and in many cases higher than a hi light service and rightfully so. The service takes us out of our comfort zone and is truly an expression of the artist. There is more product and time need to achieve the desired look.

In return for the higher initial investment the guest receives a very current and fashionable look, but as well has a look that requires less maintenance. A color needs to be touched up an average of 4 to 6 weeks. Hi lights do last longer than color but can still look grown out. Ombre has no starting point. No definite lines to follow. For those who have grey to cover up your root touch is all that’s needed to maintain a very high end look.

My money is on ombre




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