Curls for the Summer: Prior to styling, a leave-in conditioner will be recommended, as moisture is the key to all great hairstyles. Leave-in conditioners come in a wide range of selections. Spray in KEVIN MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE or UN.TANGLED. You can also try a lighter formula in AG CONDITIONING MIST or the cream based FAST FOOD by AG. These products are specifically formulated for dry or oily hair. The secret to shiny and stress-free curls is in the last rinse which is a defining moment in when you no longer have to comb and untangle the hair.

This has to be done in between one shampoo and another. With still soaking wet hair, carve the individual strands with a modeling paste such as KILLER CURLS by KEVIN MURPHY. Some curls need a little more encouragement and nothing defines and moisturizes curls better than RECOIL by AG. RECOIL separates and holds the hair without stiffness or stickiness and leaves the curls defined and frizz-free even in high humidity.

In need of an anti-humectant? For thick and frizzy hair try SMOOTH.AGAIN by KEVIN MURPHY. This anti-humectant leave-in smoothing treatment eliminates frizz for silky, more manageable hair. SMOOTH.AGAIN is dual purpose, combining smoothing elements with treatment ingredients that will eliminate frizz for smoother, silkier and more touchable hair with added heat protection

Gel or Paste? We offer a wide range of styling products that can be applied to wet or dry dry hair.  Do you like glossy or matte? Hard or soft finishes? These are some of the questions asked when you are trying to decide which product is best for you.

For a natural shine look try KEVIN MURPHY FREE.HOLD  flexible hold styling paste with a natural shine. Contains essence of Bergamot, suitable for all hair types.

For a wet curly look try: AG LIQUID EFFECTS Liquid Effects can be used as a foundational tool to take control of your hair. Long-lasting hold, incredible shine and humidity-resistant, this alcohol-free lotion is loaded with proteins to bring back elasticity, strength, and natural curl to your hair.

For a glossy, soft hold try AG WAXX. This moldable pomade adds intense shine, separation and a polished finish in short to medium length hair. This humidity resistant formula is also perfect for smoothing flyaways.

For a more aggressive hold try KEVIN MURPHY NIGHT.RIDER. This product provides molding and setting abilities. It also helps seal in moisture, which prevents hair breakage and keeps hair looking healthy and shiny.

There are so many options so how do you know what is best for your hair type? Depending on hair texture, density and desired effect, there is variety of styling products at your disposal.  We realize this process can be overwhelming, however with our professional team of hair care experts, we will assist in recommending the best product for your individual needs.

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